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Want to beat the heat and cut down on use of air-conditioning during the summer months? Then you need to get yourself a Chilly Towel.

Mine arrived on a 40degC day and I couldn’t wait to try it. I was intrigued as to how this small towel worked and why it would be different to running a hand towel under cold water, wringing it out and placing it around the neck.

Well it is different, very different. The Chilly Towel comes in it’s own storage container, it has the texture and feel of a rubbery chamois but is made from a hyper-evaporative fibre that cools to 30degC, below the average body temperature.

The fibre allows the material to trap water in and become cooler than ambient air when wet, which enables the towel to maintain a temperature that feels cool to the skin, and it does just that.

To use simply run the towel under cold water and wring it out. The beauty of this towel is it stays dry to the touch so it won’t saturate your clothes.

I gave the towel a home test, followed the instructions, placed the towel around my neck and shoulders then turned the air-conditioning off. Did it work? Absolutely! As a middle-aged woman who is going through that stage of life, – yes, I am talking about hot flushes – this towel is a must have.

I put my Chilly Towel to the ultimate test with ultimate humidity, ultimate heat, ultimate body workout and ultimate exhaustion. I took my towel with me to Sumatra where I embarked on a trekking expedition through the tough, extreme and steep terrain of the intact forests of the Leuser Ecosystem.  There was very little relief from the extreme conditions apart from diving into rivers fully clothed, boots and all. However, the towel did provide relief where there were no rivers crossing our path.  The only issue I had were the times where there wasn’t enough water to reload my towel.

My Chilly Towel is my new travelling companion and I will be taking it with me to Borneo at Christmas. If you suffer with overheating, I highly recommend you get yourself one. They are available online at or at selected pharmacies. If you buy the pink one, $2 from every purchase is donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

About The Author

Lorinda Jane

Lorinda Jane is the founder of Palm Oil Investigations.