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Palm Oil investigations News and Trends

We’re excited to be here! We’re the latest addition to the Palm Oil Investigations’ family and re looking forward to sharing our stories with you.

When POI was founded in 2013 by Lorinda Jane, it created a groundswell of concerned individuals who were keen to figure out the palm oil puzzle and be part of positive change in the industry. But as is often the case, the more you dig, the more you uncover and what we’ve uncovered is a treasure trove of stories. The logical step was to create our own platform so we could share these stories with you.

What you can expect from The POINT is a wide range of stories about conservation and the environment with everything from profiles to travel stories to product reviews. We’ll talk to the NGOs, the change makers and everyday people who are working for the good of the planet.

At the centre of this are our orange cousins and all the wildlife that call the jungle home.

Everything comes back to them and we’ve got plenty to say about this! We’ve also got a dedicated photo gallery that will explore the spectacular natural world but will also uncover the devastation inflicted in the name of the almighty dollar.

So here we are with our own digital press. We hope to educate, motivate and entertain, and ultimately engage our readers.

You can join the conversation on facebook, twitter or Instagram. Sign up to our weekly newsletter, visit the POI website or email us direct if you have any questions.